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covenants (third person present)

  1. agree by lease, deed, or other legal contract:

    "the landlord covenants to repair the property"


    undertake · give an undertaking · pledge · promise · agree · contract · 


Covenant committee at a standstill

A Covenants Committee formed to go through and revise our current covenants. and request changes to fit our neighborhood currently.

Your Board of Directors authorized the formation of a small informal group to review our Homeowners Covenants and report to the Board various suggestions concerning policies and enforcement of the Covenants.  The covenant revisions have been suggested, but the project has come to a standstill.  We need an individual to take the lead on the rest of the project.  The lead of this group will work with multiple individuals to make the covenants legal. If you are interested in assisting in the group contact our former  board president Ed O'Leary at 605.341-1061.

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