Countryside Subdivision was developed in the early 1980's, by Builders Development Group, Inc, which included Jack Sagdalen, Dean R. Hamm and Jill C. Hamm.  A Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions was filed on July 25, 1983.  The Countryside Homeowners Association, which includes all property owners, is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, who are elected annually at a meeting each September.


In planning Countryside, the developers envisioned a friendly, intimate neighborhood with narrow streets designed to bring us together, as well as a multitude of common areas--filled with trees and wildlife--through which hiking/biking trails link our streets and circles with nature.


Starting in 2011, the HOA Board began looking at upgrading our aging neighborhood water system.  After extensive "homework," the Board determined that the best approach to ensuring quality potable water was to petition the City of Rapid City to annex our neighborhood and provide city water.  Once this process was approved by property owners, the City of Rapid City agreed to take us in.  Annexation and conversion to City Water were accomplished on March 22, 2016.


Now we enjoy the best of both worlds:  our neighborhood is still uniquely ours, and our covenants still apply, but our water, garbage and other public services are provided by Rapid City.

HOA FEE: $140 per year. 

This is billed in July annually and due August 1 each year.

Water Assessment (click here)


Ed O'Leary



Jason Brandsted

Vice - President


Sara VanVlack



Sheila Hoyer




Common Area Committee Chair
Mark Meissner: 605-430-1065

Records Committee Chair
Pete Jensen: 605-343-1398

Architectural Committee Chair
Ed O'Leary: 605-431-1061

Board Members:
Chad Tipton

Corey VanVlack

Dan Smith

Dave Simpson

Doug Traub

Justin Thiry

Kathy Dirk

Tim Crawford

Tom VanVlack

Wendi Albers


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